What is Dharma Maps?

A connected suite of locally powered real-time mapping tools for communities, user groups, land managers, governments, and adventurers

Dharma Maps Ecosystem

This platform is a game-change for TREAD. It Is a community-based approach, applicable to all recreation users. It enhances a great partnership between land managers and those who recreate in those spaces.

Mat Lyons

Director TREAD

The Kettles are a space of sparsely-visited magickal zones. From whitebark pine forest to dense inland temperate rainforest, I've encountered every animal from moose to goshawks to bears in those hills. Once I realized how out-of-date the mapping data in the area were, I knew Dharma Maps and I had to create a new map in order to attract new folks to the area.

Brittany Aäe

Founder + Coach Magnetic North


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Our tools have seen cross-sectoral adoption: From a community powered recreation mapping platform, to aiding Search and Rescue Teams in rugged environments, to adventure seekers in from Nepal to the Grand Canyon.

Recreation Management

Manage Recreation assets from Trails to Trailheads. Push data and message all users with current conditions

Resource Management

Mapping tools for managing land, water, soil, plants and animals

Event Management

Share your event to a community calendar with events populated from all land Manager and user groups

Community Mapping

Tree down? Bridge out? Real time conditions and updates power by users, user groups and land managers

Virtual Events

Post events, process registrations, and manage virtual events and activities

User Metrics

Where are users going? Is a Trailhead full? Valuable user data for Land managers

Tourism Metrics

Where are you visitors from? How long are they staying? And much more tourism data available for chambers and land managers.

Adventure Mapping

Building routes and profiles, record and share your GPS position, find your friends on the mps

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The Dharma Maps platform can grow with you and your ideas

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Every Dharma Maps module can be modified to meet your agency, user group or governments specific needs and beyond. Reach out today to learn more.



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