Connecting the outdoor recreation community.

An outdoor mecca, Washington State has been discovered by trail lovers and adventure seekers who are looking to explore. From rain forests to mountains to arid desert, Washington State’s diverse topography and varied climate is attracting attention and those who want to get lost- without getting lost.

Mt. Rainier Rainforest Coast

Too much of a good thing.

State of Washington Tourism, local tourism promotion groups, and land managers wanted to promote sustainable recreation tourism, provide the best user experience, and divert traffic from well-loved trails to lesser-known hidden gems. Led by a regional trail advocacy group, TREAD, Dharma Maps created TREAD Map.
Expert Trail Description Backpacking Washington 2nd edition

TREAD in tandem.

We realize that to provide the most comprehensive, hyper-local trail app possible, it takes the talent and expertise of a large, diverse group of participating organizations. Powered by the Washington Tourism Alliance, TREAD Map was built with the local expertise of the following partners, stakeholders, and trail-loving groups:
  • State of Washington Tourism
  • Chelan-Douglas Land Trust
  • Evergreen Mountain Bike Allilance
  • The Mountaineers
  • Green Trail Maps
  • and more...


Trail information provided by those who know it best.

The hyper-local content in the TREAD Map is provided by those who are out on the trails or managing the land. It’s built for trail users by trail users.

Pro tips to give adventure seekers the best experience possible.

We’ve partnered with regional influencers who consistently contribute localized information that trail lovers won’t find anywhere else. Find pro tips on routes, details, and advice users need to know. Partners like award-winning guidebook author Craig Romano, who has more than 25 guidebooks & hiked more than 30,000 mi of trails in the state.
Expert Trail Description Backpacking Washington 2nd edition


The beaten path.

Known for its expansive and varied trail system, Washington State has been discovered by adventure seekers. As a result, some of the most popular trails are overused.


Paths less traveled.

TREAD Map empowers land managers and experts to help explorers discover the path less traveled by offering alternatives to the most popular locations.

Crowd Warning Alternative Trails


Built for trail users by trail users.

TREAD Map is a hyper-local trail mapping app built by trail enthusiasts who understand what users want to know. Is a tree down on the trail? Is the parking lot full? This app allows users to provide real-time updates that alert other users to current conditions. It also allows users to:

  • Plan outings
  • Access and provide real-time trail conditions
  • Post-trip reports, photos, and videos
  • Share local experiences
  • Connect with other trail enthusiasts
  • Engage in two-way communication with land managers
  • Learn more about local events, fundraisers, work parties and advocacy groups
  • Get exclusive deals from sponsors

Post form

Land managers can review user feedback through the administrator portal, and configure feedback as well by creating surveys and engaging with the user community through regular posts.

Admin Land Manager


Talk to customers who are listening.

Businesses use TREAD Map to connect with a focused audience, provide special offers, and share their unique trail story. Sponsoring businesses can:

  • Publish announcements and events
  • Review user aggregated data: Where are they coming from? Where are they going?
  • Customize geo-targeted marketing and promotion campaigns
  • Customize geo-targeted coupon and redemption platforms

Arlberg Sports on Map Arlberg Sports Coupon

Business can acess the administrator portal to manage coupons, sponsor trails, and review associated metrics.

Admin Business Metrics

Connect with outdoor recreation customers

Let customers know what you are up to, share your trail story with the world!

Business on Map Business on Map

Sell your product to the outdoor community.

Build and maintain a store in TREAD Map, and tag your products to a location that potential customers can relate them to.

Business on Map Business on Map


What users need to know, when they need to know it.

Has a fire closed the trail? Is the air quality poor? Mother Nature has a way of stepping in, and when she does, we let users know. TREAD Map gives land managers the control to manage customized filters to push out alerts and update on-the-trail conditions, making sure users are never caught off guard.

Alert on Map


These views are great.

TREAD Map gives land managers the power to customize the user view based on selected filters. For example, if there’s a fire, you have the power to chart its perimeter here. It’s the best way to help users know before they go.

Fire map theme Fire posts


Control the message.

Our user-friendly control panel allows land managers to open, close, and update information on trails in real-time.

Admin Trail Open

Just a click away.

By accessing and managing its trail system, land managers can alert users to changing conditions with just one click.

Admin Trail Closed


It takes a village.

We realize that to provide the most comprehensive, hyper-local trail app possible, it takes the talent and expertise of a large, diverse group of participating organizations. We support the partners that make TREAD Map possible by providing a simple and efficient way for these fantastic organizations to promote events, communicate to a targeted audience, and drive membership.

Business on Map

Destination marketing.

Share what your area has to offer with timely posts, 'Top 10' lists, or suggested itineraries. Controls are at your finger tips!

Destination Marketing: Map Destination Marketing: Post

Your own app.

It's difficult for outdoor recreation organizatons to maintain their own app. This is where TREAD Map can help. Provide users a QR code to automatically install your custom themes and branding in TREAD Map. It's your own app within the app! Serve your existing base while reaching the entire TREAD Map community with your messaging.

Business on Map Business on Map

Give Back

Leave a trace.

TREAD Map was built for trail users who love the trails for all the same reasons you do. To share the love, a portion of all revenue is donated back to the local community to conserve, enhance, and build trails. It’s our way of being more than a trail guide.